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Before you PLAN your Guitar:

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Planning for a guitar and especially deciding which one to choose is the most difficult as well as confusing state. A lot of factors lie down in such situation.

But!!! First of all! What are you buying for?

Is it an upgrade to an old guitar? or you just wanna show yourself cool holding it? Or maybe it's your first guitar you are planning to learn.

For the extreme beginners it is good to get their hands on a guitar cheap in price and for that I must recommend getting a guitar by Juarez, Intern through amazon stores. They cost somewhere around INR 2000-3000, and are capable of giving an average sound. If you are good enough to spend 5-6k for a guitar good in quality, okayish in price and decent with sound, then Kadence frontier series can be a good option for you.The main motive for getting such cheap guitars of 2-3k even after knowing the fact that their wood quality is not something upto mark is, usually beginners quit playing in early stages of learning (Ughh!!String pains!!). So why to spend more and yes if you really want to.. I'll come up with a donation box soon!

So yeah! If it's an upgrade to an old one then you must be a good player at it and yes now things must be clear in your mind that what kind of guitar style is your favorite. I've heard and seen people getting solid top guitars if they are into heartbeat style playing and they really love to get that boomy bass percussion sounds from their guitar. They are good in producing these sounds as well as tough even to handle taps made on them.

For the ones ready to spend 7-10K on their new guitars, they must think about another feature if they wanna get an EQ equipped in their guitars or not. (Dude EQ is must according to me and I won't prefer getting it attached separately). So yes, the ones with an average good budget may look for Yamaha FS310 or F280. They may even go for some mid range models of Kadence ,Fender SA 150 or Ibanez guitars.

Well, right now I am using the Yamaha FX310Aii and yes reviews are amazing for this piece! It sounds brilliant! it costs somewhere around like 14-15k but yes it is a one time good to go guitar!

Other than this coming to a bit higher range the options are just endless from Cort , Fender , Yamaha shooting up to more to Taylor, Epiphone and others.

In case, you are still feeling confused, Check for the amazon store link below...

Click here

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