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5 things to check at the time of buying a Guitar!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Is buying and choosing the perfect guitar for you that easy or that difficult? Well yes and no both!

1) Check for the tuner pegs:

These are the keys in your guitar located at the fret board end. Tuner pegs are basically to hold the string and to loose or tight it as per our tuning. they consists of teeths within them which are responsible in holding the string. A tuner peg too tight to rotate makes it difficult to tune the string and a peg too loose and free to rotate may make untune your string regularly. So make sure you choose the balanced one!

2) Check for the Guitar bridge:

Guitar bridge is the part opposite to tuner pegs which holds the guitar string from lower end. If on being compared seeing the pics we are having

A bridge simply attached & embedded into guitar body is a good choice rather than the one on the right.

3) Check for the Action:

Action is basically a gap in mm(Millimetres) between strings and Fret board. On an average it is meant to be somewhere between 4 to 5 mm. So make sure to carry a scale with you shamelessly to the store and check for the action. Just place the scale at your 12th fret and check for the action. More or less than 4-5mm? Sorry buddy you are just holding the wrong guitar in your hand!

4) Check for Guitar Neck bend:

Neck bend is most important thing for a better and longer life of your guitar. Just keep your guitar at your eye level and see for the neck bend from the top, side and bottom side of your guitar. If the neck is inclined at any angle then you must not go for it. For more you may just check the pic on the right...

5) Cracks and other defects:

Company while exporting goods often miss out handling goods in a great manner and it leads to cracks and a few defects in your instrument. Well it is a common thing and human sense to check for the thing you are going to buy so I guess there's nothing much to say about it , we all check things at the time we are buying!

So yeah! You're done... I'm waiting for you to be a part of my guitar family!

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