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Heya! Dhruv Goel/ The Acoustic Baniya this side.. a 40K+ fam Youtuber,

A Delhite, 22 years old, handling the theory of music and somehow handled

Mechanical Engeering too.

Its been more than an year since I started my channel- Dhruv Goel

where I uploaded song covers and beginner friendly Guitar Lessons.

Though I started with an idea of making just song covers and one day,

 Mom came to me and suggested me, that , you are good at explaining things,

why don't you try to teach the songs you sing and play and other stuff about Guitar?

And that day, videos came up with a new brand name -The Acoustic Baniya.

In a span of one year, the channel crossed 10k subscribers and yeah! I feel lucky to have people like you..

Another channel started the same day-

Dhruv Unplugged

which was made to post some Behind the screen life , Raw covers , Vlogs , etc but later a switching of content was done and so all the Guitar Lessons are now being shot on Dhruv Unplugged and the official channel is up for music covers and originals.

Later , I trained myself in the field of Graphic designing and 2D animation which is my pursuing career

along with the Music and YouTube Channel

So yeah, that's all about me till now (March 2022), stay tuned for more ;)

Here's channel link below too, if you wanna have a look at it.. !

And yes.. do hit the subscribe button with the bell icon if you pay a visit there! ;)

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